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Mind to Muscle TM is a strength and conditioning centre focused on training individuals to optimize their health and athletic performance. Our clientele includes people of ALL AGES (7 Ė 70) AND FITNESS LEVELS.


Latest News

May 23rd, 2017

Dr. Adam Roberts goes into detail about the function and injury mechanism of a critical component of the knee, the anterior cruciate ligament.

March 23rd, 2017

Coach Jimmy talks about an often neglected part of the body and everyday life: posture.

  • " Let me take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done. The gains that my 11 year old son has made since beginning his M2M training are incredible. His endurance, speed, agility, and power leve... "

    5 Stars
    MIKE PLESH, Hockey Parent

  • " We thought the Coltís would tell Lucas to come back bigger and stronger next year, but in fact its the opposite. Please know that your team at Mind to Muscle has a huge part in his success. From the... "

    5 Stars
    PAULINE CHIODO, Hockey Mom (Lucas Chiodo, OHL Barrie Coltís)

  • " Thanks so much for getting me started at Mind to Muscle. Itís been a game changer for me. The strength and mobility training Iíve been receiving have helped even in my daily life. Itís amazing the t... "

    5 Stars

  • " Iíd like to thank Rick and all the staff at Mind to Muscle for helping me to reach my potential and more. The personalized attention I get during my workouts not only pushes me in the gym, but has als... "

    5 Stars
    Robbie McMillin, Wake boarder