What is JOGA?

JOGA is a yoga inspired active recovery program designed specifically for athletes.

Tina Osburn is a high school teacher, yoga instructor and certified JOGA Coach. She is passionate about helping active individuals improve their health through JOGA.

JOGA works to improve mobility and stability through body weight training. The postures in JOGA involve a combination of dynamic and static stretching as opposed to traditional long holds. The movements within the postures are designed to improve athletic ability and agility as well as coordination with breath pattern. The movements are intended to build muscle memory and balance joint stability/mobility with an increased range of motion, which are indispensable to injury prevention.

The daughter of a former professional hockey player, Tina grew up playing sports such as volleyball, basketball and soccer. Forever an athlete, Tina now enjoys running the local trails, attending spin class and practicing yoga. She continues to play her favourite sports on a recreational level in between driving her kids to their basketball, baseball and lacrosse games.

Come join us and give JOGA a try!

Hours: Wednesdays 7:00p - 8:00p Saturdays 10:00a - 11:00a
Cost: $15 per session
Location: Team Performance Training Centre (500 Huronia Rd)

To book a session:Call: 705.737.5097 Email: admin@mindtomuscle.ca