The Barrie Colts announce their Sports Science & Performance Department for 2022-23 season.

The Barrie Colts have partnered once again with Sports Medicine & Mind to Muscle Strength & Conditioning Centre to lead the team's Sports Science and Performance Department.

Keeping players healthy and performing at their best is the ultimate goal of the Sports Science program. To achieve this goal, the Sports Science team will put the Colts through various tests including Fitness testing, On-ice skill testing, and Sweat Testing to establish player baselines. From there, players will be provided with key resources to maximize on-ice performance, including physical care, nutritional support and mental/emotional coaching. The Sport Science team will perform daily and weekly player monitoring to ensure players are performing at their best and reducing their risk of injury.

"I am very excited for the continuation of this program and I could not have done it without our great partners Sports Medicine and Mind to Muscle. As the Head Athletic Therapist, I am very impressed with this program, and I'm excited to contribute to its ongoing success." said Barrie Colts Head Athletic Therapist and Strength Coach, Keith Kling. "I am grateful for this partnership and hope it will help us win a championship." he added. The Barrie Colts have also added Dr. Timothy Rindlisbacher this season as Team Physician.

Sports Science departments have become very prevalent at the professional level, with teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs leading the way. The Colts believe that this program will help with player development and performance, and play a significant role in our ultimate goal of bringing a championship home to Barrie.

"This league is so incredibly competitive that you must keep finding every advantage you can get, whether big or small. This program will allow us to find that 'next level' and hopefully give us a leg up on the rest of the teams in this league. We're excited to use this to assist us in attracting the best players" said Barrie Colts General Manager and Head Coach, Marty Williamson.

The Barrie Colts are very pleased to partner with Sports Medicine and Mind to Muscle, with whom we've had a tremendous relationship with since our inception. The Colts have selected Sports Medicine and Mind to Muscle because they have been industry leaders in athletic performance and injury care for over 33 years. Rick Schaly, Program Coordinator of the Sport Science Program, noted "We're proud to work so closely with the team and continue to evolve the program each year as we follow the latest developments in science and performance."

Mind to Muscle is the most successful athletic training centre in Simcoe County, recognized as the facility of choice for athletes committed to maximizing their performance potential. They employ experienced coaches with the highest levels of professional designations and credentials in the field of Strength and Conditioning. Mind to Muscle has been training local athletes for 25 years and provides testing, training and athlete performance programs.

"We are not dealing with regular teenagers — these are high-level athletes. They need to be pushed, developed and monitored to achieve their maximum potential. When the individual athlete is getting better, so is the team" said Barrie Colts General Manager and Head Coach, Marty Williamson.

Department Staff:

Greg Eskedjian – Director of Sports Science

Keith Kling - Head Athletic Therapist & Strength Coach

Dr. Timothy Rindlisbacher - Team Physician

Dr. Gordon Crawford - Team Surgeon

Rick Schaly – Sport Science Program Coordinator

Sports Medicine - Official Team Clinic

Mind to Muscle – Official Team Training Centre & Sport Science Partner

For more information about this program please contact:

Keith Kling, Head Athletic Therapist

Barrie Colts