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" As a figure skater, I know that nutrition is important. Last summer I went to see the M2M Sports Nutritionist, Greg, so he could help me get ready for university. We looked at my daily meals, then we worked on meal planning. I realized I needed more protein. We talked about healthy food choices and we talked about budget. Then we went to the local grocery store and spent two hours going down each row. I learned how to read labels, choose fruits and veggies, look for deals and stay on budget. I've been away from home for 6 months now, and I am a really good shopper. I eat healthy food, and I know that I couldn't have done it without Greg!"



" I'd like to thank Rick and all the staff at Mind to Muscle for helping me to reach my potential and more. The personalized attention I get during my workouts not only pushes me in the gym, but has also helped me achieve success on the water. I can feel the improvement after every workout and it helps keep me injury free during the season. It is much more than just a physical workout, it has truly helped connect my body to my mind. The personalized attention has really helped me to understand the mental side of sport."

Robbie McMillin, Wake boarder


" I have been training with Mind to Muscle for the past few summers and have noticed a huge improvement in my sport. Mind to muscle continually encourages me to be the best that I can and attends to my specific needs as an athlete. Mind to Muscle has transformed me into a stronger, faster and more reliable player. Each session is personalized and the environment is always positive. Thank You Mind to Muscle, for providing me with the focus and strength to reach the next level and continue to strive for my goal."

Victoria Leimgardt, St Lawrence University, NCAA


" Thanks so much for getting me started at Mind to Muscle. It's been a game changer for me. The strength and mobility training I've been receiving have helped even in my daily life. It's amazing the toll life takes on the 46 year old body. LOL This was the first year where I qualified for the Ontario Mid Amateur, Ontario Amateur, Canadian Amateur (all ages including 18/19 year olds attending UCLA and Wake Forest that I played with) and I attribute it to my training at M2M. My actual performance in the events were nothing to brag about but half the battle is just making it into the tournaments. Thanks again and I have to say that all the staff are top notch and are always complementary and very helpful from the front desk to the chiropractors and of course the strength coaches. Awesome!"


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