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"The Barrie Colts M.Atom AA team want to thank you for your help and dedication during the season and playoffs this year. The core exercises that were introduced at this age bracket has helped endurance, speed, agility, and power levels across the board. The introduction of the core muscles is extremely important at this age and need to be developed and understood by each player. I know our team benefited from the program and better prepared us physically to compete this hockey season, but your personalized training routine has also boosted confidence. Looking forward to working with you again."
5 Stars
COACH ALEX Barrie Colts AA Coach
"Things this year have been great - kids loved the sessions at your new team training facility. Once again, Greg was excellent. He really has a way of connecting with young athletes and keeping them engaged in the training process. The sessions were challenging but fun and the kids always left smiling. 
The concussion session was informative and highlighted some important symptoms to look for as well as outlining the proper return to play policies once concussion symptoms have been diagnosed. Great takeaways for kids just getting used to contact hockey (and their parents). Thanks again for another great semester,
Brent "
5 Stars
BRENT C., JOA Hockey Canada Skills Academy
"We had a great experience with Mind to Muscle and your awesome trainers! Kids loved it (hardest a few of those kids had ever worked!)  Canít thank Justin and Laura Ellen enough for their professionalism and enthusiasm with our group.  Weíll certainly be looking forward to sessions in the future.  Next time I think weíll explore the pre and post fitness testing at your facility as well.  Thanks a bunch- what a great start for our new program."
5 Stars
BRENT CRAWFORD JOA Hockey Canada Skills Academy
"The Mind to Muscle pre-tryout camp helped our Son optimize his conditioning.  Not only was it great for conditioning, he looked forward to each session.  Greg and the staff did a great job keeping each session interesting and challenging. Our son did the 12 sessions and we noticed a significant difference.  We will definitely be returning again this year."
5 Stars
"The best athletes are willing to do more than the mediocre athletes. The expert trainers at Mind To Muscle put together a sport specific program for the Barrie Storm girls softball team. The intensity of this program prepared these young elite athletes for their competition. We are proud to exclaim that this team finished 5th in Ontario. A huge thank you to the staff for their contribution to this success."
5 Stars
ROLAND BEAUSOLEIL, Head Coach Barrie Storm Novice Girls Softball
"I have been training with Mind to Muscle for the past few summers and have noticed a huge improvement in my sport. Mind to muscle continually encourages me to be the best that I can and attends to my specific needs as an athlete. Mind to Muscle has transformed me into a stronger, faster and more reliable player. Each session is personalized and the environment is always positive. Thank You Mind to Muscle, for providing me with the focus and strength to reach the next level and continue to strive for my goal."
5 Stars
Victoria Leimgardt, St Lawrence University Ė NCAA
"As a figure skater, I know that nutrition is important. Last summer I went to see the M2M Sports Nutritionist, Greg, so he could help me get ready for university. We looked at my daily meals, then we worked on meal planning. I realized I needed more protein. We talked about healthy food choices and we talked about budget. Then we went to the local grocery store and spent two hours going down each row. I learned how to read labels, choose fruits and veggies, look for deals and stay on budget. I've been away from home for 6 months now, and I am a really good shopper. I eat healthy food, and I know that I couldn't have done it without Greg!"
5 Stars
"Iíd like to thank Rick and all the staff at Mind to Muscle for helping me to reach my potential and more. The personalized attention I get during my workouts not only pushes me in the gym, but has also helped me achieve success on the water. I can feel the improvement after every workout and it helps keep me injury free during the season. It is much more than just a physical workout, it has truly helped connect my body to my mind. The personalized attention has really helped me to understand the mental side of sport."
5 Stars
Robbie McMillin, Wake boarder
"I just wanted to let you know that our combine session for our Minor Peewee team last Saturday was very well received by both the players and the parents. Your dynamic trainers pushed the boys to excell. Their knowledge, energy and dedication impressed everyone involved with our team.The session did exactly what I was hoping: 1) plant a seed about the importance of off season training, 2) create some competition within the team, having players push each other, 3) bring the group together as they began to form that vital team bond necessary for success."
5 Stars
MIKE PLESH Barrie Coltís AAA Coach
"Mind to Muscle and itís Staff are an extremely professional organization who very competently and efficiently completed Pre and Post Fitness Testing with my Bantam AAA hockey team. The boys were completely engaged throughout the whole process and were educated, as well, as to the purpose of each test. The Staff were very knowledgeable about the testing and itís implications for a hockey athlete. They are very dynamic and are completely connected with current research and literature of all aspects of sports physiology. I would highly recommend them for any sports organization who is seeking any aspect of testing and training."
5 Stars
NORM MCCAULEY Head Coach Barrie Coltís Bantam AAA