Mind to Muscle is excited to announce our inaugural Christmas Break Speed Camp! This 3-day camp offers athletes the opportunity to gain access to the tools required to improve their speed and help guard against injury risk.

Dates and Times

Tuesday December 28th, Wednesday December 29th, and Thursday December 30th

  • U9-U13 = 12:00pm-1:30pm
  • U14-U16 = 1:30pm-3:00pm
  • U17-U21+ = 3:00pm-4:30pm

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Pricing = $80 +HST

Components of Speed Development

Speed = Stride Length X Stride Frequency

Stride Length = The ability to produce force into the ground

Stride Frequency = The ability to exert that force quickly and efficiently

  • Technical Development: Sprinting technique lays the foundation for speed development. Athletes will have the opportunity to learn and practice various drills that will help improve efficient sprinting technique.
  • Physical Development: Speed is a highly sought after quality in many sports. We can provide athletes with the tools required to safely address the physical qualities that will help improve speed, such as strength (ability to produce force) and power (ability to exert that force quickly).

What to expect

3 x 90min sessions

Data-driven feedback reports:

  • Athletes will have their 5yd and 10yd sprints timed on Day 1 and 3 of the program and be given direction on how to improve over the course of the camp
  • Athletes will also complete jump assessments to help identify training needs unique to each individual
  • Reports will be emailed to each athlete

Technical Instruction:

  • "ABC"s of sprinting
  • Acceleration, Deceleration, and Top Speed mechanics

Power Development

  • Instruction and execution of training with intent and developing of explosive qualities

Strength Training

  • Introduction to strength training for long term development and mitigation of injury risk


Tuesday Dec. 28thWednesday Dec. 29thThursday Dec. 30th
General Warm Up
Sprint and Jump Testing
Acceleration/Deceleration Drills
Acceleration-Focused Sprints
Explosive Training (Jumps and Throws) +Change of Direction
Strength Training (Intro to Foundational Exercises)
Sprint-Prep Warm Up
Acceleration and Top Speed Drills
Momentum-Based Sprints
Explosive Training + Reactive Change of Direction
Strength Training (Focus on exercises that will help mitigate injury risk)
Tempo and Rhythm Running/Conditioning
Sprint-Prep Warm Up
Acceleration and Top Speed Drills
Sprint and Jump Testing
Mix of Various Sprints
Explosive Training (added complexity)
Strength Training (Intent and Adaptation)
Conclusion and Takeaways


We want to ensure that our athletes can take away some tangible pieces from this camp so that they can best be prepared to take ownership of their next steps. That is why we are including a Free E-Book on developing speed for team sports with samples and videos of various drills and exercises covered.

Athletes will also have their testing results and interpretations sent to them, and the opportunity for parents/coaches to join a follow-up webinar the next week.