M2M Varsity Performance (Age U15 – U18, Gr. 9 and older )

The Varsity Development Program mirrors what is typically found within a Varsity level weight room, with the goal of preparing high school athletes for what comes next in their athletic endeavours.

Mind to Muscle will introduce Varsity athletes to the nuances of the College weight room, including:

  • specific exercise selections
  • custom program design
  • cycle planning & intensity monitoring
  • loading frequencies that are encountered within a college weight room

Emphasis of the Program:

  • Fully personalized and custom programs
  • Includes athletic planning, goal setting and 360 degree health & performance monitoring with the strength coach
  • Nutritional guidance and monitoring
  • Hydration guidance and monitoring
  • Regular Key Performance Indicator testing
  • Rapid access to injury assessment and care
  • A year-round approach to training and development
  • Program supports team training sessions with increased development for those looking to compete at a high level
  • Minimum requirements of a second lift within the week and a maximum of three training sessions a week
  • Low coach-athlete ratio (1:4)

Who is the program for?

  • This program will specifically cater to serious athletes looking to compete at the highest level of competition
  • This is a program for motivated athletes in ANY sport
  • Coaches will consistently motivate athletes, not just from an intensity standpoint, but to ensure perfect execution of technique within all facets of strength and conditioning
  • Our coaches will ensure that the most basic techniques are done at the highest levels of technical awareness

Athlete Value Proposition:

Continuous year-round progression and long-term athletic development

Sign-Up Includes:

  • Consultation, goal setting, screen/assessment with your coach
  • 30% DISCOUNT for athletes on teams who are training an extra day (Sharks, AAA Colts U15+)

Program pricing:

  • 4 sessions/ month = 1 session/ week = $100 ($25.00)
  • 8 sessions /month = 2 sessions/ week = $180 ($22.50)
  • 12 sessions /month = 3 sessions/ week = $250 ($20.83)
  • Choose the sessions you want on a monthly basis based on your varying schedule
  • Unlimited sessions/ month = $300 (Minimum requirements of 1 session/week and a maximum of 6 sessions/week)
  • Yearly Membership – Unlimited $2999
  • One-time trial session = $25


  • 3:30 – 4:30pm Monday to Friday, plus Saturday
  • Varsity Athletes are allowed to book into the University slot, later in the evening.

View the calendar, select your session and follow the sign up process. Questions? Email: admin@mindtomuscle.ca