Behavioural Goals for a Healthy Heart

By: Melissa Rogers BSc, CAT(C), Can-Fit Pro PTS

You’ve made it through January and we hope you’re staying accountable! February is Heart Month! And we want to keep you and your heart healthy!

Did you know that your heart is the STRONGEST muscle in your body? Yet- approximately 1 in 12 Canadian adults over 20 are living with a heart disease.

What are you doing to keep it working properly?

Here are a few easy and effective behaviours to keep your heart pumping maximally.


Aim for 10, 000 steps every day: We get it, you drive to work and then sit during the day, adding a few extra steps have never been so easy!

  • 1)Park your car at the back of the parking lot
  • 2)Take the stairs instead of an elevator
  • 3) Stand up and walking around your office
  • 4)Walk the long way to the bathroom or meeting
  • 5)Walk around the arena as your kid is playing their favourite sport
  • 6)If you have to watch that favourite show, put your exercise equipment in front of the TV and make it more active!

Make exercise fun! After a long day you want to go home and relax, make sure you plan the gym into your day! Here are a few tips to keep your excited for your workout

  • 1)Grab a co-worker or friend and make them your workout buddy
  • 2)Go to a class if you need a little extra motivation
  • 3)Make a playlist of all your favourite songs

Take advantage of your weekends! Get out and be active over the weekend!

  • 1)Try a winter sport- hiking, snowshoeing, skating, skiing
  • 2)Escape the cold and stay inside- take the family mini-putting, bowling

Your body and muscles go through a lot! Be nice to them and your heart!

  • 1)Add a yoga or pilates class to your routine
  • 2)Give yourself the appropriate time to fully cool-down and stretch after your workouts
  • 3)Get a foam roller or a yoga mat for your house and use it while you’re watching tv


Reduce your daily stress

  • 1)Start a journal- write why your stressed and it can help avoid triggers and help you cope when they arise
  • 2)Power Down – turn off all screens at least an hour before you go to bed helping you get a betters’ night sleep
  • 3)Don’t procrastinate; get things done early and then relax!

Keep Alcohol Under Control! Holiday parties are over there is no more excuses!

  • 1)Know the Healthy Limit
  • 2)Add water in between each drink
  • 3)Plan it out and stick to the number of drinks

Go Smoke FREE: Kick that bad habit once and for all!

  • 1)Start a diary: How many you have, strength of your cravings and when and where you smoke
  • 2)Stall for time – feel the craving? Delay the smoke by 15 minutes and then gradually increase
  • 3)Half it! Only smoke half a cigarette each time
  • 4)Set a quit date! Knowing when you want to be smoke free by can help you reach smaller and more achievable goals along the way!!

Keep your most VITAL muscle working! Take the time to talk to your coach and refresh your goals and make yourself more accountable!