M2M Mental Performance

Mind to Muscle is proud to offer mental performance counseling. Athletes train hard to improve their strength and conditioning, but in many cases the key to success lies within the athlete's mental approach to their sport. M2M Mental Performance Training will help you to reach your performance potential in sport. Our mental performance expert, Andrew Crome, provides the top 10 benefits of such counseling:

Benefits of Mental Performance Training Include:

  1. Regulate focus, stress and emotions
  2. Improve confidence, motivation and concentration
  3. Mentally plan for training and competition
  4. Create and maintain positive environments
  5. Improve communication skills
  6. Learn specific performance enhancement techniques (ex. imagery, goal-setting)
  7. Improve recovery and regeneration
  8. Debrief and evaluate performance
  9. Improve decision-making process
  10. Rehabilitate from an injury

Andrew's services of sport psychology and mental performance may include individual sessions or be provided in group settings with athletes, coaching staff, family members and/or entire teams.

About the Coach:

Andrew comes to Mind to Muscle as a mental performance coach with an extensive background education in Sport Studies and Sport Psychology. After swimming competitively as a child, Andrew completed a Bachelor of Sport Studies (Exercise & Health) from the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland. He went on to complete a Masters of Science in Psychology of Sport from Stirling University, specializing in the fear of re-injury. Andrew has worked as a Mental Performance coach with competitive athletes in swimming, golf, soccer, and running. He has worked as part of the Goodlife Fitness Marathon Psyching team, and has successfully applied his education to his own Mental Performance, specifically in completing the Scotiabank Half Marathon. Andrew passionately and tirelessly works with athletes to give them the unfounded mental edge needed to reach peak performance and potential. He is a professional member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (www.appliedsportpsych.org).