M2M Summer Hockey Program


As an athlete, you have to earn everything your spot on the team, your playing time, every goal, every championship is earned. This Summer, Mind to Muscle's Summer Hockey Program provides every player with an opportunity to start the process of Earning It. Every session will provide you with the chance to become faster, more powerful on your skates, recover faster between shifts and lower your risk of getting hurt during the season you just have to Earn It.

Come train with our elite team of Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Certified Athletic Therapists, Former Professional and Elite Athletes in order to get the greatest possible training program in an environment designed to push you to new levels!

This year, we broke the mold ignoring everything that we've done in the past and creating a program based on what we believe will produce the greatest results for every athlete taking part in our Summer Hockey Program here are some highlights:

Lower Coach:Athlete Ratio

By shifting SHP to be more focussed, athletes will be pushed harder, receive greater corrective strategies and have a program that is designed and modified based on their specific needs and abilities. A more individualized program will mean greater acceleration, agility and create athletes that are stronger on the puck all around the ice.

Science-Based Training

Too many training programs are designed based on old-school thinking. Mind to Muscle's Program has been written to incorporate the newest science on Human Performance in order to see the greatest improvements using the most effective training approaches to help each player perform their best for the upcoming season.

Education Package

Knowledge is power. This year, we've developed a brand new Resource Guide exclusively for each player in our Summer Hockey Program. In this package, you'll find the tips to improve your nutrition, maximize your recovery and gain every possible improvement over your competition. In this package, you?ll also find samples of BioSteel products along with our new M2M Summer Hockey Program workout shirts.

Because of some of our changes and our commitment to provide maximum improvements possible space is limited this year, so take advantage of our Early Bird Program the first 20 athletes registering for Summer Hockey Program before June 1 will receive a BioSteel Performance Kit in addition to our new athlete package.

Check out our M2M Summer Hockey Info Sheet for more information on the program.
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