Parent Testimonials


" Loved the program for my daughter's high performance soccer. She worked with all of the trainers who were great!"

Michelle I.


" The Mind to Muscle pre-tryout camp helped our Son optimize his conditioning. Not only was it great for conditioning, he looked forward to each session. Greg and the staff did a great job keeping each session interesting and challenging. Our son did the 12 sessions and we noticed a significant difference. We will definitely be returning again this year."



" Mind to Muscle's pre-tryout program is a necessity for players committed to being at their best for tryout camps. Tryouts end on the ice, but start with solid preparation and hard work in the weeks leading up to the camps. The pre-tryout program improved my son's core strength, flexibility and explosive power. It definitely improved my son's confidence in himself, and gave him a distinct advantage over other players during the tryout process."



" Over the past 6 years M2M has helped our kids prepare for the demands of high level hockey . We have found the staff to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. The results were evident very quickly and without question has allowed them to compete at the highest level. We highly recommend all of the programs at Mind to Muscle without hesitation."



" I think (as a parent) this is something every young athlete should experience; it allows them to see what commitment is required to excel to the upper level of their sport. Keith doesn't see this; but by simply being immersed or surrounded by dedicated and talented athletes, it has a positive effect on his personal confidence and dedication to his sport."



" We thought the Colt's would tell Lucas to come back bigger and stronger next year, but in fact its the opposite. Please know that your team at Mind to Muscle has a huge part in his success. From the Physio to the Return to Play program to the countless workouts at M2M! We appreciate everything you've done for him."

PAULINE CHIODO, Hockey Mom (Lucas Chiodo, OHL Barrie Colt's)

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